Samstag, 12. November 2011

12 of 12 November 2011

Hier wieder unsere 12 Bilder vom 12. Tag des Monats August im Jahre 2011. Das Original findet ihr hier von Chad Darnell.

Here are our 12 pics from the 12 day of the month August 2011. The original idea from Chad Darnell could you see here.

Woke up late starting with blog-work ;-)

12:12:12 h

Chinese buffet for lunch - it tasted very good :-)

The little car is so clean he glitters ;)

Our evidence for 12 of 12

In style for gardening

Just 15 minutes for us two

Jörch makes gold - unfortunately only online -

Chocolate cake baked on my (martinchens) own

The last pages of my book, now I

started my first eReader book and I like

Good night Jörch,
good night marinchen,
good night world.....
(The Waltons)


  1. I enjoyed your pictures. The cake looked yummy! I have an e-reader too and really like it. I usually read one e-book and then one real book because I still like having books in the house. Anyway, thanks for sharing your day and we'll se you next month.

  2. This is a "little car" indeed!! Is there room for legs?!? ;¬D
    I love reading, but I haven't tried e-book yet. I might try it soon.

    Thanks for sharing your day! ;¬)