Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

12 of 12 December 2011

Hier wieder unsere 12 Bilder vom 12. Tag des Monats August im Jahre 2011. Das Original findet ihr hier von Chad Darnell.

Here are our 12 pics from the 12 day of the month August 2011. The original idea from Chad Darnell could you see here.

Yes, these are the last pictures we share with the original Chad Darnell. We are a sad about that but, that's life. And there are new ways to go... Thank you very much for your idea and for your comments on our blog. All the best for you and your life. And now here we go:

no comment :)

The day starts with rain, rain and rain... Jörchs car is the red one in the parking area.

Martinchen have had a day off and go by car shopping
Thats the supermarket we love.
Marinchens (food) haul of today.
Jörch has had an appointment at the dentist and
there is a special parking area for the patients.

On this pic you see the little instruments...

and here.. the killing tool number one... horrible...
Instead of the morning (you remember ;-) = rain)
in the afternoon the sun out for a while.
Martinchens afternoon coffee.

Then Martinchens weekly exercise by late evening... almost alone...

and this pic especially for Chad Darnell,
it was a nice time with you every month - thanks.


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