Dienstag, 12. April 2011

12 of 12 April 2011

Hier wieder unsere 12 Bilder vom 12 Tage des Monats Januar (nämlich heute :-) im Jahre 2011. Das Original findet ihr hier von Chad Darnell.

Here are our 12 pics from the 12 day of the month January 2011. The original idea from Chad Darnell could you see here.

At first the proof: it is the 12 of 12 again !

In the morning, when WE get up, the most imporant to wake up: Espresso or - for the woman ;-) - Latte Macchiato.

At work, Jörch also drink coffee. It is something like survival condition for him.

At the end of the worke time, I went to the supermarket named "Aldi".

Jörch go home by car and as we see, there is a free parking place for
me (martinchen)  - for my big car (smart for two *lol*)

That's the view this afternoon. During the day we have had typical April weather:
 rainy, windy, cloudy and last but not least in the late afternoon: sunny.

Till I come home, Jörch eat some sweets: pineapple marzipan.
Its very tasty and you couldn't get enough on it.

When I arrive, I look to the snail mail we get today. Nothing important....a lot of advertising...

And then I make some salat for dinner. Okay on this pic it doesn't look very tasteful...

Jörch play a little bit WoW on the PC, with the guys of his guild, as always on Tuesday.

In the meantime I look also as always on Tuesday my TV Series. Its about a hospital, the doctors and hte patients. It ends always in a happy end. 
Now it is time to make our 12 of 12 ... and then after my meditation
I go to bed and Jörch will follow later on. So good night everbody for today.

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  1. Your garden looks great! Looks like a nice and relaxing day - mmm, pineapple marzipan!