Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

12 of 12 July 2011

Hier wieder unsere 12 Bilder vom 12 Tage des Monats Januar (nämlich heute :-) im Jahre 2011. Das Original findet ihr hier von Chad Darnell.

Here are our 12 pics from the 12 day of the month January 2011. The original idea from Chad Darnell could you see here.

The 12 of 12 starts as always with the proof.

It will be a hot day today so I (martinchen) drink ice tea, the whole day.

Joerch drunk coffee from the coffee urn.

From time to time a cigarette in the smoking room (YES we had such in Germany !)

And - not forgetting - the work, we have to do in our company.
This ist Joerchs office.

Afternoons we see more and more clouds in the sky -
and it wasn't long before it starts raining.

This is what we see when we arrive at home.
Nice flowers to bid welcome us.

Martinchen went to a car showroom with old cars.
Before they get restaureted they look like this car  

and this is the final result - for instance.

In this car showroom, there is a bistro where you could it.
I (martinchen) was there with some colleagues.
At the end... we drink coffee and cappucino at our PC's to finish the 12 of 12.

Last but not least... WE'll do the same like both bears:
sleeping and dreaming. Good night everybody.


  1. I love old cars! Aren't they nice?
    I wonder why they can't build nice cars today. I think they now all look the same with no personnality!

    It is very hot here too, I think I'll also have an ice tea!

    See you around next month! Take care! ;¬)

  2. I am a fan of old trucks, especially 1950's ford pick-ups. If I had some "play money" I would definitely find one and restore it (or have someone restore it for me, haha)

  3. @Lucrecia My sentiments exactly: they are without personnality. Take care also ! And thx for your comment.

    @Jill: if you had money, you could come to Düsseldorf to that car-workshop and we could drink a cup of coffee together :). Bye

  4. I would love to have a spin with that oldtimer (the restored one :-))